Gal Lazarus

Our Story

We learned that our children may never talk, that their intellectual functioning would be impaired, that they are at high risk for debilitating seizures and other medical complexities, and that they would most likely never be independent. We found ourselves on an emotional roller coaster ride, filled with fear and anxiety about our children's future. We tried to navigate a new world of rehabilitation therapies and children's hospitals while educating ourselves about this rare condition.

We were also told that there is no cure. But, we were determined to leave no stone unturned in searching for a better life for our loved ones and all those affected by ARID1B-RD. Our hope has sparked as we discovered the incredible advancements in clinical genetics and the enormous achievements of other parent-led rare childhood disorders organizations in directing the best science to develop treatments for their children. We met world-leading clinicians, scientists, biopharmaceutical companies, and leaders from the rare disease community who confirmed that impactful therapeutics for ARID1B-RD are within reach.

It became clear that we must lead the effort to support the development of treatments. And so, FAR came to life and began to take root. Since its founding, we have created a network of top experts from academia, research institutions, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies. These experts guided us in the development of a roadmap to therapeutics that directs FAR’s efforts. We have started to support research on potential treatments and are now
working to secure funding that will enable us to expand translational ARID1B
research and the development of promising treatment options.